Sound Financial Strategies for the Boomer Market

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About Harold Lustig

When my father was 78, he came to me and said he outlived his assets. My parents were living on the East Coast, I was in San Francisco and my brother was in between, raising three teenagers in Chicago. We were blindsided! Every time we asked how things were going, the answer was fine! Dad, how are things going? Fine, don’t worry. It’s okay, everything is fine.


Obviously it was not fine. I changed my financial planning practice, to specialize in income products that provide a lifetime income. Six years later, my mother became terribly sick. Already broke, they did not know what to do. Had I known then what I know today about Medicaid and Medical, Social Security and conservative income investments, they would have had a better end of life experience.


I understand the fears of dealing with elder care issues. I wrote the book "Naked in a Nursing Home: the Woman’s Guide to Paying for Long Term Care without Going Broke" to help you plan ahead to avoid the crises my family and so many others have endured. In 1998, during the height of the AIDS epidemic, I saw another group that was not well served. I wrote "4 Steps to Financial Security for Lesbian and Gay Couples", which was the first financial and estate planning book on the market for this community.


My name is Harold Lustig. I have been a financial advisor and insurance broker for more than 35 years. I am a Chartered Financial Consultant and Chartered Life Underwriter.

“I heard Harold speak at a recent program and he made the concept of financial planning so easy to understand. Thanks Harold.”  


- Jim Carrillo

2011-2012 President,

Northern California National Speakers Association

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