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By haroldllus12907327, Jun 3 2015 04:10AM

Today we are going to examine money matters from a different perspective. We will examine ways to prevent cognitive impairment. Now, one must remember, this technique is not scientific or even proven but it has positive emotional, health, social and financial benefits.

Here it is, ready? Get a kitten or a puppy. The kitten or puppy must be well documented, preferably from a rescue group and healthy.

When our 22-year old Himalayan cat died we got a kitten. His name is Oscar, sometimes it’s “Oscar, Get-Off the Table” other times, it’s “Oscar, Stop Picking on Jewel”. Jewel is our other kitten; two to keep each other company. He does respond to Oscar. If that doesn’t work, food always works. The one word that doesn’t seem to be in his range of understanding is the word “NO”.

How does having a kitten or a puppy prevent cognitive impairment, you ask? Caring for your four-legged child requires feeding, nurturing, exercise- all great activities for an aging brain.

With a puppy, you have no choice; you have to walk him or her. Get a pedometer, it makes a difference. Would you rather exercise or enhance your social life, have a talking companion who does not talk back, and explore new walking areas. How do I know it is possible? Ask Rosco, our dog, he will tell you we walk 30 to 45 minutes every day. Total strangers tell me how cute he is.

There are other benefits of walking, here are a few:

o 45 minutes of walking/day halves the odds of catching a cold

o Seniors who walk 6-9 miles per week are less likely to suffer from mental decline as they age,

including dementia

o Walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, can halve the risk of heart disease and reduce

stress, cholesterol and blood pressure.

So where is the money part? Rodale Press says studies show you may get off your meds and save on Health Club costs. All cash outflow. Don’t believe me? Just Google “benefits of walking.” And, you will never have to pay for a Bar Mitzvah, college or a wedding. You will have veterinary bills but you can ask for a senior discount or get pet insurance.

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