Sound Financial Strategies for the Boomer Market

F I N A N C I A L   A D V I S O R



Secure your long-term future

"Important information that should be used by anyone caring for an elderly relative... this book covers common questions regarding insurance, Medicaid, VA benefits, elder financial abuse, and how families can get the help they need."

- Dr. Bennett Bloom, Forensic and Geriatric Psychiatrist


"Nobody wants to be out of money until they are out of breath! Harold Lustig's difficult to find but easy to understand wisdom will help you take the right steps to protect your health and wealth."

- Rick Law, Esq., Elder Law Attorney

• Life insurance with long-term care benefits

• Annuities with long-term care benefits

• Individual long-term care insurance


If you are uninsurable, there are products on the market today that will increase your retirement income without medical questions.

Today there are many products available that provide for long-term care insurance.

These include:


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